About Hearty Chic
  • Since being established in June 2010, Hearty Chic's mission has been to express and inspire its readers by delivering inspirational content regarding to fashion and shopping, as well as life in the city of Montréal. With the many great restaurants and activities around the city, Hearty Chic strives to help bring awareness of the many great local businesses in Montréal and the rest of Canada. 
About AshleyKCC
  • The name that I use for this "blogging world" is AshleyKCC. I started Hearty Chic not-too-long ago as a way for me to escape the reality of my everyday life, and to express my love for fashion, shopping and food. I originally had no future or life plan for this blog and I came into this without having any idea how large and diversified the blogging community was, or how to even complete the simple task of publishing a post. It was only after a few attempts that I realized how much I enjoyed expressing my creative side through blogging. Around the same time that I came to that realization, people from the internet and blogging world also became interested in my blog. As for the present, I am constantly motivated to publish what I find inspiring, as well as what I think readers of Hearty Chic will find uniquely inspiring. I am fascinated with finding new ways of improving and expanding Hearty Chic's appeal and I hope to continue this excitingly new blogging interest of mine. 
A Few Obsessions of Mine... 
  • First of all, you may have noticed that many of my blog posts on Hearty Chic relate to my love of Swedish style and fashion. I first unconsciously realized this "Swedish-fascination" of mine when I noticed that quite a few of my favorite fashion bloggers and fashion brands were based in Stockholm, Sweden.  I hope to one day (hopefully soon!) be able to visit this amazing and influencing fashion-forward Scandinavian country.
  • "Food posts" (which so many of you lovely readers love!) on Hearty Chic happened almost spontaneously. I am happy to say that living in Montréal could be one of the greatest places to be in if you are as food-obsessed as I am. With the diversity of ethnic cuisines all in one city, it is like food paradise for me. If I could, I would eat out at every single delicious Montréal restaurant. I definitely can not forget to mention about the many great dessert and café eateries. I admit that I have one of the sweetest sweet tooths, and thank goodness Montréal satisfies all of those sweet tooth cravings! (In case you are wondering... Yes, I do try to maintain a daily work-out routine to mask the fact that I eat a lot, and I suppose I can also be thankful for a good metabolism!)
  • Hmm... I suppose Hearty Chic basically represent everything that I love and I am "obsessed" with, so feel free to read my blog posts!
  • I would like to give a special thanks to all of my lovely current and new readers for the great and positive feedback and support!
Contact Me
  • Please contact me at heartychic@gmail.com regarding to any inquiries you may have, or if you just want to say hi!
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