Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pops of Color For Spring.

These looks for Elle UK March 2011 issue is making me crave for spring more than ever.

I am definitely seeing a trend for pops of bright colors this season.
These looks taken by David Slijper of Cato van Ee are brilliant.
Even though I hate wearing orange and do not own a single article of clothing that's orange, I am still loving those orange shorts with the zipper down the side.

Those shoes are insane...
I love the simplicity and minimalism of that white Moncler jacket. NEED IT.

This issue of Elle UK had so many lovely editorials, such as this ONE.
Hopefully I can get myself a copy of this magazine.

Images Courtesy of TFS.



Fashion Ranger said...

ahhhhhh, thank you for this. fucking great!


SAMANTHA said...

aaahhh the shoes in the second photo are FABULOUS. i really, really, really want them. dammit! haha lovely post.


Chloë said...

Beautiful shoes!! I love bright colours :-) xxx

fashion urbia said...

Wow those are some great shoes. especially the 2nd pair.

Anonymous said...

This is great!


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