Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rodarte Perfection.

This Rodarte collection made me absolutely speechless...

Kate and Laura Mulleavy know how to perfectly geometrically drape material to make the most beautiful pieces. This collection is so soft and beautiful with the wheat-detailed dresses and the airy fabrics. The sequined pieces are also absolutely stunning. I love the uniqueness of that beautiful red Rodarte piece that Karlie Kloss is wearing. Honestly, the draping of the fabrics is perfection. It is great that this collection did not follow the major trends during NYFW and was just a completely unique and beautiful presentation.

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Photo Credit:  Stephen Moskovic


Vanessa Grannis said...

I am obsessed with this dress! OMG!!! I would live in it!

KARNOSKI said...

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and start to follow me (:
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Anonymous said...

I was just reading about them on Interview magazine..about the hard work on the costume design for Black Swan. I love them. Still love my Rodarte Traget dress<3

I am your newest follower

Kaitlyn said...

Rodarte will always be one of my favourites. I just did a post on their line for Opening Ceremony which is soooo good as well.

I'm following you as of now. Check out my blog & follow if you will :)

x K

Shabby said...

Wow, stunning! I expect nothing less from those girls.

Did you get to attend?!? If so, I am incredibly jealous.

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