Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Celine F/W 2011 Cravings...

I love the clean-cut pieces in the Celine F/W 2011 collection.

It seems like every single designer is designing an iPad case, which makes it even more tempting for me to finally give in and get one. I love the Celine zip-around briefcase-like iPad case. I am not sure what type of accessory that tan colored leather piece is in the first photo, but I love understated chicness design of it. Perhaps it is another iPad case? Whatever the purpose of it actually is, I need it and will make use of it for whatever the purpose it might be. I also had to show the photo of that great pair of Celine leather-cotton pant combo, another great pair of pants to add to my list of things I need for my next fall/winter wardrobe.
*Update* Ok, so all of you lovely readers are saying that first photo is an amazing Celine clutch, now I definitely need it.
Images Courtesy of TFS.


Cool Bites said...

Awesome pants for the next season!
I also like the clutch ;)


Tereza Anton said...

I want so bad a Celine clutch, so so bad.

Lizelisabeth said...

Really love your blog! Full of inspirational fashion updates!! :D Def gonna come back and read some more!

hug and kiss kiss,

Kate said...

I adore their bags! Such a sucker for some minimalistic design
Kate .x.

Keyla M. Rosas R. said...

fabulous!!! oh they looks amazing!!

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

alisha said...

Celine just do THE best bags, every collection they bring out, I want one of their bags!

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