Friday, March 11, 2011

Freja & Natasha -- Chanel Lace & Black.

I was not too fond of that Chanel lace look that Freja Beha Erichsen wore, but that model can honestly wear anything and still look so-chic.

Yes, I do not think I can ever pull-off wearing such a unique Chanel piece, like that lace and leather jumpsuit. As for Freja's other all-black look with the textured black blazer and pants, that look I envy. I definitely wish for that classic Chanel blazer for my nonexistent high fashion designer closet. I am becoming more and more intrigued and slightly obsessed with those heavy duty boots, and I do not know if I am hallucinating or not, but I think I see a revival in the black pointy-toed heels again. I decided to put this one Natasha Poly Chanel look in this post. The tweed screams classic Chanel, but then looking closely at the details, the look is not so classic at all. I love the unique zipper down the side of the right shoulder and the bejewelled cuffs and belt.
Images Courtesy of TFS.


mary louise said...

love this post :)

StyleID said...

Natasha and Freja, love them both. just like you I don't think either that I can wear that jumpsuit an not look ridiculous... even if it is a Chanel.
I hope the pointy-toed shoes are not back. I love how they look but wearing them is another story.

maverick diva said...

I reallly love this photograph! following your blog :)


Kori said...

Great post! I'm having a little giveaway to celebrate Spring. If you haven't already entered, please swing by! Kori xoxo

Pithsala said...

You have a lovely blog!
Followed you!

Parisienne said...

Lovely pics and always beautiful Freja!

Q. said...

in love with this shot.

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