Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Looking For that Warm Weather...

I would much rather be sipping this strawberry pina colada on a hot summer day out by the water, whether it be on a beach or by the pool, than inside a restaurant. But sipping this deliciously fruity-sweet drink is definitely getting me excited and looking forward to the upcoming spring/summer months in which I plan to make the most out of the too short summer season in Montreal.

My to do list for the summer (so far) includes:
  • Safely get myself a nice summer tan and enjoy the warm sunshine to its fullest.
  • Attend as many summer concerts as possible, and with there being so many great concerts I want to attend, it makes it near impossible for me to try to narrow down the list! (Osheaga, Warped Tour, Lykke Li, etc, etc...).
  • Savour and eat as many frozen yogurt and ice cream treats as possible. Therefore, a forewarning to Yeh!, Swurl and any other undiscovered frozen yogurt place in Montreal, be prepared to see moi on a regular basis trying out every possible combination of yogurts and toppings possible, especially anything coconut-related. With all of those delicious treats, that must lead to...
  • Try to stay on my regular exercise routine no matter how many distractingly exciting activities are continuously being planned.
  • Eat out at as many delicious restaurants with outdoor terrace seating, and of course, enjoy as many cold fruity drinks as possible.


StyleID said...

Nice Summer plan ... If I can manage to stick to my workout routine then step 2 is get myself into some cute bikini! :)
The pina colada looks good.


Elizabeth said...

Oooh I love this post - if only because it reminds me that it won't be brisk and chilly forever. I'm so looking forward to summer concerts!

Tereza Anton said...

I love you plans! I can't wait for summer and long days of doing nothing.

Baby Budget Blog said...

I hope to be sipping loads of these on my vacation next week! Yum. I too can't wait for the summer!! Soooooo sick of this cold!


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