Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I love this photo of Abbey Lee Kershaw and completely inspired by those amazing rings that she is wearing.

Pamela Love Talon RingRoberto Cavalli Elizabeth and James Bird Claw Ring with Grey Agate Stone
Yves Saint Laurent Yves Saint Laurent 

I am currently obsessed with the sheer eeriness of claw-like ring details and I hope to add at least one of these unique rings to my own limited ring collection. On the other hand, I still crave an Yves Saint Laurent Arty ring. I am completely unfazed by the sheer popularity of this ring and I am lusting for one in every possible color, but of course, I can settle for one Arty ring (for now). I will either treat myself by getting one of these rings as an extremely early birthday present for myself, or patiently wait to see if the people I have been hinting to about these rings will be ever so thoughtful to gift it to me. 

(Pamela Love Talon Ring via ShopBopRoberto Cavalli Gold-plated onyx claw ring via Net-A-PorterElizabeth and James Bird Claw Ring with Grey Agate Stone via Shopbop)
(YSL Arty gold-plated glass ring via Net-A-Porter)

Image Courtesy of TFS.


emma basilone said...

I totally 100% agree with you! I want a pamela love ring & the YSL! They are so freakin awesome! Maybe I will treat myself at the end of 30/30!


Denise said...

I loved all the rings, in fact!!!! Awesome!

Tassos P said...

I too like those YSL rings!
PS Lovely pic of Abbey

Rebelle Fleur said...

I love this shot. I really like your blog!


Nicole C said...

awesome photo, i love all the rings

Pepa Xavier said...

...I saw her in the street with that same coat!!

Holly said...

had I not read what you wrote above the picture I wouldn't have noticed the rings on the model at all. My eyes were drawn to the necklaces and the fur. I haven't seen the YSL rings before today. Today they were everywhere!

Victoria West said...

Definitely these are different, not the usual chicky jewelry. :)


Allie said...

love the YSL rings.
xx Allie

elle said...

I love the Love :) and this rock and roll shot - makes me want to dye my hair blonde... great blog, I'll be back!

elle x

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