Friday, August 26, 2011

Anorak + Faux Fur.

I love how these Nasty Gal images have looks that are perfectly styled without needing to add a complicated number of jewellery pieces.

The pairing of the Nasty Galanorak jacket with the black dress that has the slashed detailing on the left makes the dress wearable for the day. The simplicity of that entire look is inspiring and the bold red lip color somehow helps to complete the outfit. I am definitely inspired to try the bold lip color, but not convinced that I am capable of wearing such a statement lip color when my daily regime for maintaining my lips consists of a lip balm from Kiehl's or else from the local Pharmaprix. To be quite honest, sometimes even just Vaseline. I am not even sure what the proper make-up procedure for putting on red lipstick. One day, I might have to pull up the courage to go to one of my favorite make-up counters for a tutorial on this, as well as choosing a shade that suits me. On another note, I love the vintage-inspired faux fur coat that is paired with the white lace dress. If only Montreal weather was capable of letting me wear something like that all winter, instead of having to resort to a thick down jacket by mid-November (if not sooner). I am a complete wimp when it comes to the ridiculously cold temperatures even though I have had to deal with these types of winters all of my life. I doubt I will ever come to terms with the winters in Canada. Then again, the weather in Montreal is still absolutely lovely so no more complaining about the inevitable weather that is to come.

Images Courtesy of Nasty Gal.


monkeyshines ♥ said...

chic! adore those shoes!


Carina said...

Gorgeous, I love the slashed dress so much! <3

Tina Carrot said...

love love love! you look extraordinary cool :)


BeLighter said...

Those shoes are insane! absolutely love them!
(I'm a lip balm gal myself, never leaves me...)

A said...

These pictures are wonderful! I know exactly what you mean

Penelopi F. Karali said...

Love these shoes!
Penelopi F.

anguillian said...

When I saw that parka, I just fell in love. That and the Chelsea Shearling Coat are on my list.

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Style und Sein said...

wow ... how can something simpel be so cute !? Parka is and will be one of the most important and best pieces in time. Thanks for add at heartsifb, Your blog is very nice, really good work. wonderful.

sweet regards
team of

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