Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cozy Knit.

This cozy knit featured in Marie Claire Spain's October '11 issue would be perfect for today's chilling forecast for snow/rain.

There is a state of peaceful serenity in this photo, no? The ombre-like feathery detailing on the dress is so flawless. The pastel-y neutral colors for the model's outfit is also so perfect. Pairing of the chunky knit over the dress with the amazing detailing... love everything about this look. I am definitely not satisfied with the number of knits currently in my closet, need more.
Here are a few knits I would not mind wearing this winter...

HHH By Haute Hippie//ONE by Soyer

Helmut Lang//Acne

Simple, yet I am thinking that all of these knits are exactly what I will want to wear when the weather gets bitter cold. As much as I love the occasional patterned knit, I always seem to revert back to solid colored knits sooner, rather than later.

Photo Credit: David Bellemere
Images Courtesy of Marie Claire Spain.

(Feel free to click on the designer's name mentioned in this post to shop the latest collection via ShopBop.


Alex said...

I'm obsessed with knits right now too! Definitely on my shopping list for Black Friday. :)

xx Alex

Joyce said...

Love knits too! Especially with colored jeans :) and ombre feathers are just beautiful.

monkeyshines ♥ said...

gorgeous picks!


Girlie Blogger said...

Oh nice. Love cozy knits in the cold.

TinaColada said...

I love these knits, specially the big cable stiches, remind me of home and grandman's handmade sweaters.. :)

Ashley said...

I love all these knits; they are the perfect way to stay fashionable but warm on a cold day. And I LOVE pairing them with skinny pants to balance out the shape of the sweater. Really enjoyed this post...I'm going to have to go buy a cozy knit now!


ladygusa said...

I agree that knits are so versatile. Actually thinking of dusting off my knitting needles!

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