Tuesday, December 20, 2011

RVCA Blouses.

I am still going through that phase of being obsessed with blouses, and at the moment, patterned and printed ones are my favorite.

Kind of majorly obsessed with this RVCA blouse at the moment. I can already picture how perfect it would be with my favorite pair of black skinnies... and a continual spiral of outfit ideas start to form from there... The icy blue one is slowly becoming my favorite one out of the two, possibly because I know how much more pasty white my skin would look with that creamy nude one. With that being said, a little sun-kissed color this winter holiday would offset that minor issue. Which one would you choose? Or maybe both? It is definitely tempting to get both, the word "sale" tends to have that effect on me. It is even more tempting to get both knowing that PLNDR has this ridiculous offer right now of spending $150 + get 25% off + free shipping + free item. The words free and sale sometimes are the two greatest words to hear while shopping...

Images Courtesy of PLNDR.


monkeyshines ♥ said...

great picks!


Tiffany Elam said...

These are great blouses. I like the navy one best.

Girlie Blogger said...

They look pretty and comfy.


Catherine said...

I've been obsessed with patterned blouses as well. I just love how they just make an outfit. They're perfect with shorts and a nice pair of jeans plus flats! I've never seen those blouses by RVCA. Cool!


Anonymous said...

Lovely blouses! they look quite classy and sexy.

Lets help you get that blouse.

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Aisha Richardson said...

Oh yes; these are lovely. I like how you're thinking about pairing them with the black skinnies. I might have to add the natural to my wishlist.

Karmaloop always have the BEST sales; I don't know how they do it, but I always feel like I'm getting SOOOOOO much for nothing.

The Basic Skinny

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