Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chic Winter.

These looks are quite quirky and undeniably chic.

First of all, I love those Charlie Joe leather pants that the model is wearing in the fourth photo. Actual leather pants that look surprisingly comfortable. There are plenty of well-structured winter looks in this January '12 issue of Glamour. I am usually one to think that winter boots are not the chicest type of footwear, where you are sacrificing style for warmth, but these boots have got me thinking otherwise. Anyone own a pair of moon boots? But those leather pants, love love love them. On another note, that camel colored coat is absolutely lovely. It may not be of great use for the extreme winter weather conditions that Montreal faces, but I am sure I could find some use for it.

Photo Credit: Jason Ell
Model: Alex Kirtoka
Images Courtesy of Glamour France.


monkeyshines ♥ said...

fabulous photos, love the movement!


Helen said...

Fab! But I'm already desperate for spring and sunshine

Victoria West said...

Nice pictures. :)

MrsLord said...

Agreed! :)
Thanks for sharing love.


xoxoCat said...

You're lucky you can wear leather pants, as I can't seem to find a pair that will fit without making my thighs look fat :(

But I do love the plum leather pants you posted!!


Girlie Blogger said...

Gorgeous winter wear. It shows that you can be fashionable in cold weather.

Anthea said...

These Are fantastic and make winter much more fun!! Woot woot :) love the caps

Taipei Style said...

I like the pullovers on the 1st and 5th photos!

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