Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Isabel Lucas.

I adore the styling of this shoot, slightly feminine, minimalistic, and all-around chic.

Would I love to wear every single look that Isabel Lucas wore in these photos? Of course! I can not decide which look I prefer more from this December '11 issue of Glamour. The first photo's look is kind of amazing with the sheer camilla and marc silk tee and sequinned shorts. On another note, that black mesh top with floral detailing from Topshop paired with the Calvin Klein bra and DKNY skirt is a lovely outfit worthy to be worn for a special weekend night out, don't you think? I have been on the search for a perfect white blazer, and I have finally spotted one to my liking. Coincidentally, it is from one of my current favorite designers, By Malene Birger. Looks perfect and capable of matching just about anything doesn't it? I think I need to go to a special weekend fête. I have become so curious with sequins lately. Honestly, how gorgeous is that Vince sequinned top that has been perfectly paired with the black feathered Mango skirt? I have never owned a feathered skirt before, but that black one and white one worn by Isabel in these photos are flawlessly eye-catching pieces. So many inspirationally classy-chic looks...  

Photo Credit: Hilary Walsh
Images Courtesy of Glamour UK.

(Feel free to click on the designer's name mentioned in this post to shop the latest collection via ShopBop.)


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Every look is amazing. I really need to start buying more 'basics' and not outlandish seperates trying to get this look. They make it seem so easy though!


Elisa said...

she's so pretty and these pictures are stunning!

monkeyshines ♥ said...

stunning details!


Sandra said...

These looks are awesome. What a great shoot and I am loving all the black. Perfect for winter.

Victoria West said...

I like the black dress from the last picture. :)

kathy said...

thanks for your message on IFB
love your blog :)
isabel lucas looks amazing in these photographs - absolutely adore the simple, yet chic colour combinations!

Jazzmin said...

Hey! thanks for being friends with me on IFB,
and I totally agree with you on the outfits
Follow/visit my blog if you'd like??

Lina said...

very dreamy :)

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