Monday, January 9, 2012

Knits + Fur Vests.

The coldest months in Montreal start now. The only way I can make it through these next couple of months is with plenty of inspirational outfit ideas.

Even with the amount of bare legged-ness shown in these photos from the 14th December '11 issue of Vanity Fair, the coziness factor is still pretty high. The fur vests paired with the knits pulls double duty of being completely warm and chic. The patterns on these knits are very winter festive, no? I also love the consistent neutral color palette used for these looks, along with the pops of deep red color. There is no possible way for me to attempt a bare legs and knit look in Montreal right now, maybe when the temperature warms up a bit in a couple months!

Photo Credit: Jonathan Segade
Model: Iza Olak
Images Courtesy of Vanity Fair.


Femke said...

Love these patterns! Knits are always cozy :)

xoxo, Femke On the Button

monkeyshines ♥ said...

gorgeous mix of winter elements!


Elisa said...

these pictures are beautiful!

Victoria West said...

I'm not a fan of bare legs style during winter neither, :) even though winters in Toronto are just a little bit less cold than those in Montreal. :) said...

I like the wintery patterns on the knits. We still have no snow in the north of England and this is making me crave it more. The skirt in the top picture is lovely too but not sure it's really blizzard wear :/
Laura @ Mother Mannequin

Amanda said...

Loving the fur! I have been meaning to try and find a wearable fur vest. I live in New England and we certainly could use the warmth too!

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