Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Let's Start With Supper.

I attempted to take those favorited "food pictures" during my holiday. The only time I could remember to snap these pictures was when I had my iPhone while eating supper, luckily everything looked and tasted delicious.

I can not believe that I had even worried about the possibility of not having an adequate meal during my family holiday. As much as I missed my mother's home cooking, especially her Christmas day turkey dinner, there was definitely no lack of food consumption. As a first time cruise go-er, I did not know what to expect, but the week went by faster than I had expected. Who knew that days consisting of soaking up the sun/exploring islands, while eating three meals a day could be so time consuming (of course, in a good way)! More about this holiday in upcoming posts. A holiday spent devouring mouthwateringly deliciousness is definitely alright by me. Now that I am back in Montreal, I suppose that means regular visits to the gym are in order.


Lindsay said...

Wow! This all looks so yummy! I wish I could have it now! My stomach is growling!

Eda. said...

That food looks scrumptious - especially the seafood side of things - yum!


Eda ♥

Girlie Blogger said...

Wow. Everything looks scrumptious. Love all the seafood.


Liv said...

Regrettably, I took no food pics whatsoever over the holidays. which is preceisely why the i phone was on the Christmas wish list. Oh well... six months to my birthday!

Happy New Year, welcome home!

Victoria West said...

It really does look delicious. :)
I hope you had a lovely holiday season!

Cheers, Victoria from Toronto.


Elisa said...

i just ate dinner, but now i'm hungry all over again!


kashara♥ said...

Those oysters looked so good! I live in southern united states so we eat a lot of seafood.

Stephanie Liu said...

I love food pictures! As you may see from my blog, i'm a super food junkie/snob. Great pics and looks like you got stuffed!! Hope you had a wonderful new years :)

xo Stephanie
honey & silk blog
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Andrea said...

ohh this looks yummy :D

Sophie Cathe 蘇凱文 said...

okay, I feel hungry now.

SoHo Accessories said...

WOW !! Great pics. Now I am really hungry !

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