Monday, February 13, 2012

Bold Red Lips.

Adoring this silk blouse and leather short combo worn in the first look.

I know this shoot is supposed to be more about the beautiful watches for these photos from the December/January '11/'12 issue of Vogue Paris, but I am loving the clothes. Yes, my obsession with flow-y chiffon blouses is still as prominent as ever. Remind me to look for a pair of black leather shorts, possibly similar to the ones worn by the model in the first photo. On another note, my fascination with leather-everything continues, and that leather t-shirt sure is something. Seeing how chic and perfect the red lipstick is is making me want to invest in a rouge colored lipstick of my own. Any suggestions on favorites?

Photo Credit: Claudia Knoefel & Stefan Indlekofer
Images Courtesy of Vogue Paris.


Hanna said...

love this! my fave? the first pic - in love with the shorts :)


The PvdH Journal said...

I love the graphic details in the first photograph (I know what you mean re- watches vs. clothes)


Vhing said...

Love the post. I'm so into red lips. ♥

MrsLord said...

The pictures you share are ALWAYS amazing - I love red lips! Make sure to stop by and check out my giveaway!


Eda. said...

Love how sultry these looks are with the red lips, they look lush!

Eda ♥

monkeyshines ♥ said...

stunning sexy photos!


Anonymous said...

i love the first shot... love tops like that! :)
thanks for sharing your find... i haven't commented in a long time but i just have to say you have great taste! :)

elite barcelona said...

It's so hard to find a cool red lipstick ! I like this one !

aquarium supplies said...

I love the lips of this girl so much! she look so sexy with this bloody sexy color.

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