Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Zadig & Voltaire S '12.

Erin Wasson is looking uber chic in these campaign photos for Zadig & Voltaire.

I can not stop staring in awe over how understatedly edgy these looks are. A little bit rock 'n roll, don't you think? A great collection of blouses and such that I would love to wear all summer long. Erin Wasson just makes these looks look so undeniably cool.

Photo Credit: Fred Meylan
Model: Erin Wasson
Images Courtesy of Zadig & Voltaire.


Roxalne's sisters said...

love the style!

Roxalne's sisters

Kamila M. said...

omg her body ist perfection. not mentioning her face!!!!!!

hippiebohoreloaded. said...

really cool, hope to find similar looks at all saints

monkeyshines ♥ said...

gorgeous sexy photos!


Kat said...

Beautiful photos!

MusicaModaCine said...

Love it! Erin always looks amazing.

chris said...

Catherine S said...

like looks but boots is brrrr

Catherine S

Hanna said...

omg love it! :)


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