Sunday, July 11, 2010


So what did I do while I was away, you may ask? Well... quite a lot, actually, such as things that I needed to do that I had been procrastinating to do.

I went to visit my siblings and parents and had some "quality family bonding time" where we ate a lot of my favorite yummy foods, attended my sister's high school graduation, visited some extended family members and such. And now I'm back and new and improved! I got my teeth cleaned, my eyes checked, my hair cut, my eyebrows cleaned up and viola! Of course, I had time to help out with the "family business" and play a little bit of tennis as well. Though, not as much tennis as I had been hoping to play, but it was still fun though!

Oh. And about the haircut, I think I have finally found my hairstylist soul mate! The first time I met him was from going to my little brother's haircut near the start of my family visit. The hairstylist was sweet (and straight-if I may add! which isn't the usual stereotypical male hairstylist!)..Would I consider myself to be a regular clientele of his from now on? Definitely! I guess that means that I will be heading back to visit the fam. more often now!

Did I do any shopping while I was back? Of course! I tried to refrain from shopping, but I could not help myself. I bought a new tennis racquet (Babolat AeroPro Drive Cortex), work-out shoes (Adidas), a tank (which I love and will wear and hopefully post soon!), a vintage silver leafed bracelet (I will also post pics of this too! It is awesome!), as well as some other things... I wonder if I have ever gone on vacation and not bought anything? I don't think so...

Love... Love...

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