Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another Shopping Day...

Today we went to St. Laurent and St. Denis to do some shopping.

I know it isn't winter yet, but we went to one of my favorite stores on the corner of Milton and St. Laurent and they had these Emu boots on sale for ridiculously cheap.

I love shopping at the Urban Outfitters on St. Denis more than the U.O. on St. Catherines.
The store is much more neatly displayed and their sale racks aren't in a huge mess like the one on St. Catherines.
I guess it's because there are less tourists that head to St. Denis.
I love this 3/4 length sleeve shirt. I bought it for only $10!

I absolutely love this cardigan.
The detailing on the back is awesome.
I can't wait to wear it.
Of course, it was on sale too!

At this point in my life, I can't afford to buy expensive clothes because of my student salary (a.k.a. $0).
I'm constantly loving, then hating the clothes that I buy so inexpensive clothes are the best bet right now.
Of course, there will be the occasional splurges!

Love... Love...

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