Saturday, October 16, 2010

Promo. Opportunity For My Lovely Readers!

Hello My Lovely Blog Readers!

Ok, so I have recently joined as a rep. for this great online store that I stumbled upon when I was looking for my rain boots!

This store is a little bit street wear influenced and a little bit different compared to what my blog and usually blog posts relate to, but this online store has a nice wide selection of some great merchandise! There are some great edgy-chic looks available, you can see some of my favorite looks from Karmaloop on the right side of my blog! As well, the shopping site has some great pieces from this great Australian clothing brand that I did not think I was able to purchase anywhere in North America called Style Stalker. If you have never heard of this brand, take a look at their clothes and you may see how simply awesome I think that some of their pieces are.

As well, for any of you lovely blog readers that are in the same situation as me where you are living off of a student salary, another great thing about this online store is that a lot of their merchandise is on sale now, compared to other sites with the same merchandise where it is not on sale.

I just want to let all of you lovely blog readers know, that I am in no way forcing or pressuring you into purchasing anything. I just wanted to inform all of you about this new partnership I have and this great offer that I can give to you all, which is...

You can receive 20% off of your first online order when you are checking out your purchases and you enter in HEARTYCHIC (all in capital letters) in the Rep Code section of Promotions.
As well, any purchases you make after your first purchase, you can get 10% off every purchase afterwards when you enter in HEARTYCHIC in the Rep Code box at check-out.

Feel free to take advantage of this great discount! If not, feel free to just browse and continue following my blog! :)
I love sharing with you all my favorite looks and inspiration and some things that I do while out and about in Montreal. Your lovely comments make my day! :)

Sorry for the speech. I usually and have never done this on my blog. Probably never again either! I'll just let you all know about this offer briefly the next time I mention it! I just really want/need my rain boots, which I have been talking about almost all day.

Love... Love...

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. I have walked past it so many times, and yet I still have not had the opportunity to visit yet.
Hopefully soon!

For those of you lovely readers who read this whole post, you're AWESOME.
For those of you lovely readers who did not read this whole post, I probably would have done the same! Ha.

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