Sunday, November 7, 2010

Late Late Lunch.

I had a lovely late afternoon lunch yesterday at Eggspectations.
I ordered the Bagel Dore, which from the website description is...

Two (2) bagel halves dipped in egg batter, cooked on the grill, topped with bananas and strawberries. Served with yogurt and honey.

...And it was delicious!

The sandwiches are delicious.
I just had a bite of a few of the fries.

And then there was an amazing dinner... post to follow!
Enjoy drooling over these yummy pictures!



Fashion Ranger said...

Wow! Looks delicious!

EricaDanielle said...

Those look like the most delicious fries ever. This picture doesn't help the fact that I've been having a huge craving for them this past week haha


chellemorgan said...

Droooool. Looks so, so, so good. I am definitely going to try that whole bagel dore thing.. oh my gossh.

Xo Chelle

Katrya Kyla said...

Omg. Both look sooo good!

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