Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Elle Inspiration.

So many bright colors for spring... I love it.

What a boho-chic editorial in the February 2011 issue of Elle Spain to inspire me for some outfits I can look forward to for spring. That first photo with the beautiful creamy-white fringe vest with the feather details--I can't stop thinking about it...--Amazingly detailed vests that go over everything are my new obsession. The simplicity and soft lighting of these photos are perfection. My list of things I need for my spring/summer wardrobe is getting longer and longer. The questions is if I will actually go through with buying everything I need off of that list. I need these spring/summer essentials-- not want.

Plan for today:  I am craving another great cup of cappuccino from my new favorite cafe. The weather outside looks a bit bazaar -- raining or snowing? I am now getting slightly confused as to how to dress for this type of weather. My shoe choice is quite limited because of the slightly slushy-slightly soft snow on the sidewalks that I have to walk through.

Photo Credit: Santiago Esteban
Model: Missy Rayder
Image Courtesy of TFS



Giselle said...

Loving this editorial!

Pretty without Pink said...

I love these looks too! Spring couldn't come quicker I'm so ready and excited tiered pieces like the ones you showed. Perfect!


cleartheway said...

Oh gosh, does that sunshine ever look good!

Lena Ker said...

Gorgeous pics!

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