Monday, August 22, 2011

Tao - Freja Inspired.

There is definitely a legit reason why everyone is kind of in a frenzy over this Vogue China August 2011 spread that is Freja-inspired.

The first image of Tao Okamoto is everything perfect about rawness and edge. I love the smouldering black eye make-up and completely tousled hair. The 90s grunge inspired ripped white racerback Calvin Klein tank seamlessly works with the entire image. Lately, I have been also looking for inspiration for a subtle tattoo, and I love the star one on the left side of Tao Okamoto's neck in this photoshoot, but do I dare? The juxtaposition of grunge with metallic-sequin pieces without-a-doubt works, such as the flawless image of Tao wearing the blue sequin Chanel jacket with the Ralph Lauren red checkered shirt and the grey tee from T by Alexander Wang. Seeing the heavy metallic eyeshadow worn by Anja Rubik (here), and now Tao Okamoto, I am tempted to experiment with this, but due to my lack of make-up technique, I suppose I should just leave it to the professionals. This shoot may have been "Freja inspired", but Tao Okamoto has now completely convinced me of her potential edgy-rockstar image. 

Photo Credit: Lachlan Bailey
Model: Tao Okamoto
Images Courtesy of Vogue China.

(Feel free to click on the designer's name mentioned in this post to shop the latest collection at ShopBop.)


Lisa said...

I love the burgundy lipstick - do you think it'll come back? I feel like it was very in during the early 90's and has been dismissed as being too goth but maybe it's time for its comeback!

As for experimenting with metallic eyeshadows, I would try EyesLipsFace for their eye shadows. They're pretty metallic-y but they fade nicely so it's not too overwhelming. And it's only $1!

Cubicle Glam

Eda. said...

Stunning. I love the makeup especially for this shoot.

Eda ♥

Kristen Blaire said...

gorgeous! love the looksss

Kristen Blaire said...

gorgeous! love the looksss

Tribal Fox Vintage said...

love this editorial! ive been wanting to post it but i always forget! so beautiful though, there is something about coke that so young and wild. ohhh carbonated syrup!

monkeyshines ♥ said...

so edgy! love all looks!


Maria said...

Gorgeous. I love her eye makeup and her tousled hair :)
Take care and have a great day ahead babe!

Katherine said...

Wow gorgeous editorial! Thank you for sharing :)

Minnie Nagra said...

love the makeup in all photos. good post

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