Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mismatched Chic.

These outfits are definitely less matchy-matchy, or what I usually resort to for inspiration, but after coming across this set of photos, I can not help but simply adore it all.

"Fun" is the first word that I thought of when I saw these outfits from the November '11 issue of Elle Belgium. Playfully chic looks in a way, no? If you guessed that the first look is my favorite, and that I would be in love with those shiny black, borderline leather-appearing, I.Code leggings, you deserve a gold star because of how 100% correct you are! Of course, the faux fur Vila Clothes coat and the green Supertrash clutch paired with the silk Betty Barclay blouse helped to seal the deal that I need to re-create this look in one way or another. I was slightly surprised to see so much color in a winter issue of a magazine. I suppose this is a way to convince me that bold and bright colors are okay for the colder months, but to wake-up every morning and choose fun and bright colors to wear, that is an entirely different issue I may not be able to overcome anytime soon. I am inspired to wear leopard and prints the more often I come across photos of uniquely put-together looks, and I do like the ones featured in these photos. I need that Superdry knit in the second photo to wear all winter long...

Photo Credit: Olivier Donnet
Images Courtesy of Elle Belgium.


Fashion Trio said...

I need all of these clothes in my closet :*( Blerona www.fashiontres.com

Thalia said...

This is a great post! I never really thought about mixing bright colors into my fall/ winter wardrobe and usually resort to neutral tones instead, but this is definitely good to know :-)

BeLighter said...

First look is my favourite as well!
I'm feeling this "fur movement" very intensely, right now...

monkeyshines ♥ said...



Girlie Blogger said...

A perfect match of mismatch - great photo inspirations.


Alexa Bennett said...

Love all these looks!!!


WestmountFashionista said...

Great collection of photos, I love the juxtaposition of the contrasting fabrics and prints. I'm really loving injecting more color into my winter looks lately.


april said...

i love all the looks but my favorite is the fur jacket,yello shirt and leather pants..simple chic and casual ..lovely



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