Monday, November 28, 2011

Textured Black Perfection In A Nutshell.

Oh yes, those Scandinavians do have a sense of style that I am completely fascinated by, and obsessed with, at the moment.

I am in absolute awe over this November '11 issue of Cover magazine. The magazine cover is ridiculously minimalistic and understated (in a good way), but that black leather outfit sure is in its own little world of amazingly chic perfection. I am not sure how many more adjectives I could throw in to describe that look, but I suppose 3 words would have to suffice. My goodness, the use of textures in these looks have got me in a complete daze. Edgy, unique and possibly a hint of androgyny. Let us not forget about describing how these outfits mastered the art minimalism in a fashion consciously chic way. Minimalism is definitely a style that is prominent among many Scandinavian fashionistas (or so that is what I have observed). They single-handedly master minimalistic-chic without a hitch every time I come across photos from magazines and street style blogs. Ah yes, my fascination with Nordic fashion, as well as everything else, continues. I think a vacation there would help repress those occasional daydreams about what it is that fascinates me about that place.

Photo Credit: Hans Zeuthen
Model: Lucia Jonova
Images Courtesy of Cover.


monkeyshines ♥ said...

gorgeously inspiring!


jiglycious said...

wow i love black colour,
never go wrong by wearing black

already following you
thanks for your message on ifb

keep in touch



black makes me happy because it goes with everything lol

Girlie Blogger said...

Black is one of those go-to colors that never go wrong.

Lianne said...

Beautiful shots! Lucia looks gorgeous. I'm especially in love with the third photo.

Much love,

Stephanie / FAIIINT said...

Beautiful! I seriously need that black belt!

girlinthelens said...

Gorgeous editorial as always! Thanks for picking it out for us :)

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