Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dose of Summer Inspiration.

Undeniably bright and cheerful looks, but I have to switch into a temporary summer state of mind since I will be faced with beach weather this winter holiday.

It is a first for me to spend my winter holiday without even a slight possibility of snow or below freezing temperatures. No, I am not completely complaining about this temporary flipflop of December/January weather filled with days lounging out by the pool, but I will always be a sucker for a beautiful white Christmas. Not complaining, just wanting to be in two different places at once. On another note, I love these outfits from the June 2011 issue of Marie Claire Ukraine. Yes, I feel like I can post a few warm weather inspiring looks because of this flipflop, and since Australia is now being blessed with summer weather (not sure how this last comment was any sort of justification for me, but okay). I am in love with the nude blouse with the white collar and cuff accents in the first look. The suede and leather tote that the model is carrying is perfect, is that zipper detailing I see? I suppose it will be nice to have sun-kissed skin again that is somewhat similar to the model's skin tone in these photos. Of course I will be using my trusted Neutrogena sunblock spray. So tell me, which is your favorite way to spend your winter holiday: warm and sunny, or winter white?
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Photo Credit: Arno Lam
Images Courtesy of Marie Claire Ukraine.


Girlie Blogger said...

Bright colors and bronzed skin - so sad. I miss summer!

Esmeralda said...

Love the outfits too, so bright!!!

Elisa said...

i miss summer! beautiful colours!

Leather and Porridge said...

Cute skirt! Kind of odd pairing it with a tan shirt (with a white collar), but somehow it works.

Teresa said...

I adore the colours of this tutorial! The blouse in the first picture is so cute. I am obcessed with this kind of collars.

XX Teresa

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