Sunday, January 1, 2012

Marie Claire AUS - Zimmermann Swimsuits.

These photos from the January '12 issue of Marie Claire Australia are making me want a closet full of one piece swimsuits, and it would be especially beneficial now with the heat and sun I am faced with daily during this holiday.

I need every single one of these swimsuits. I have always loved Australia based swimsuit line, Zimmermann. I am now ever more convinced that I need to invest in at least one of their swimsuits, a one-piece, to be exact. I can not decide which suit from these photos that I prefer more. The white ones look wonderful, but the black one with the white trim also looks amazing and has a slightly classic look to it. But then again, the blue and white printed one with the plunging neckline also would be a gorgeous suit to have. At least this warm winter holiday can help me brainstorm ideas of suits to get before summer is back in Montreal. Perhaps one of these lovely suits will appear in my closet before summer finally arrives... 

Photo Credit: Troyt Coburn
Model: Fabiana Sempreborn
Images Courtesy of Marie Claire Australia.

(Feel free to click on the designer's name mentioned in this post to shop the latest collection via ShopBop.)


monkeyshines ♥ said...

stunning summery look!


Design by LISA said...

Love her hair! <3

stylebyladyg said...

Beautiful pics. All the one piece swimsuits are so glam! A modern version of the Elizabeth Taylor era.

Bella said...

oh wow really love these swimsuits and I wish you a happy New Year !!! :)

cutencomfy said...

Loving the one pieces! Think I'm going to have to get a white one this year!!


M-street-style said...

So beautiful swimsuits!!!
Have a happy new year!!!

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