Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Creamy Whites.

Got to love the beauty of a good all-white outfit.

An all-white outfit would take a lot more effort on my part to actually execute. These images from Elle France's issue no. 3447 for January 19, 2012 are giving me that extra push in the direction of actually pulling through with an all-white outfit, someday. The first look is one that I wish to eventually experiment. I love the femininity of that silky Stella Forest t-shirt-like piece paired with that lovely pair of blush colored Vanessa Bruno shorts and Giuseppe Zanotti sandals. On another note, I honestly think those cut-out white shorts in the third photo are questionable. 

Photo Credit: Wendelin Spiess
Images Courtesy of Elle France.

(Feel free to click on the designer's name mentioned in this post to shop the latest collection via ShopBop.)


welcome to my jungle said...

oh wouldn't mind to own these pieces. the Zanotti flats in the 1st picture are perfection!

- Dani

Gabi Barbará said...

I really want the flats in the first picture!!

xoxo from Brazil,
Gabi Barbará

monkeyshines ♥ said...



Blog 101 said...

Im obsess with white right now!! Its so classic so chic!!
Luv it]

Sophie-Marie said...

French magazines just know how to nail it. American magazines tend to just throw items together for what looks more artistic than anything else. But French magazines actually create beautiful AND wearable styles. Even the Redoute, which is quite generic. I love how these are bridal styles... Fascinating.
Mademoiselle Sonushka

just me said...

beautiful ;)

SideSmile Style said...

love the fish bone sandals in the first picture!

Vittoria @ The Beautiful Things said...

love this too! x

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